Subject: Dance

A’ Level Dance is a challenging and creative subject which involves discipline, hard work and motivation and encourages physical thinking. The course provides students with the opportunity to gain experience of performance, choreography and to develop critical thinking about dance as an art form. This course is particularly suitable for students who have studied GCSE Dance and wish to study dance at a higher level, as there is a natural progression. The content allows students to study a subject which can be extended through higher education and promotes a healthy lifestyle through an awareness of the importance of exercise and training. The breadth of their ability to work in different ways has a significant impact in the way students are able to approach other subject areas due to the many transferable skills, including analysis and interpretation. 

Skills Attained:

‘A’ Level Dance students can expect a really broad experience developing their training as a dancer and experiencing dance in its many forms. A significant part of the course includes Critical Appreciation; which is the academic study of dance. Writing exercises throughout the course prepare the students for being able to answer extended questions to prepare them for essay writing and developing literacy in terms of dance-specific terminology. Students will also develop their skills in the craft of choreography at first as a soloist and then as a group choreographer. Performance skills are continually developed over the two years with regular training in dance technique; exploring the styles of existing practitioners in order to develop a personal performance style. 


Dance is assessed through practical moderation in the first year and external examination in the second year of choreography and performance in a professional setting. Critical appreciation of dance is assessed through a written paper each year which progresses from short to extended questions in the first year and essay skills in the second year. Students are continuously guided on all aspects of the course leading up to the examination.

Future Opportunities:

Dance is a popular art form and there are many degree courses which offer creative and technical training at both Universities and Conservatoires which are highly respected throughout the world. Both National and International students will audition for these courses. Many degree courses have very strong links with current dance companies and have resources and facilities which allow exciting and experimental work to develop and be performed in professional settings. If you do not wish to follow a dance degree option then the skills you have acquired and developed will help you to continue on many other pathways helping you to have confidence, be articulate and present yourself assertively.