Subject: English Language

English Language is a challenging and versatile subject which combines well with Science subjects as well as Arts and Humanities.  By teaching students how to use various linguistic frameworks, they are able to analyse a wide variety of texts, with a particular focus on how texts are affected by issues of social factors such as gender, technology and power. At the same time they are able to apply the techniques to their own writing and produce a portfolio of texts for a variety of purposes and audiences.  

Skills Attained:

Students develop their analytical skills by learning how to apply linguistic frameworks and terminology to texts. The course will also require them to participate in group discussions, give presentations and work in groups, therefore improving their oral communication skills. On top of this they will also become more confident at writing in a variety of styles and being able to evaluate their own work. They will develop their research and evaluation skills through completing their own research and investigation into a specific aspect of language in use.

Future Opportunities:

One of the strengths of English Language is that it is relevant for a wide variety of careers and University courses. The analytical skills gained are useful for areas such as law or history, while the creative side of the course lends itself to journalism or advertising. More obviously students are given a significant start towards studying English or Linguistics at University.