Subject: French

French in the sixth form builds upon the skills developed at GCSE and allows students to become fluent in the language.  It is an interesting and engaging course which will challenge students.  They will develop grammatical knowledge and understanding and find greater independence and confidence when communicating in French.  The types of topics which are studied include The Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Lifestyles, Relationships and Families, The Multicultural Society, The Environment and Contemporary Social Issues.  There are also opportunities to study cultural topics including Literature, Art, Music, Film, Architecture and History from French speaking countries.

Skills attained:

The four skill areas in French are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  Students will develop their competence in these areas so that they can communicate effectively in the foreign language. They will also deepen their understanding of their first language and develop skills such as translation, essay writing, presenting and debating, along with other transferable skills such as research, problem solving, organisation and social skills.  


Language ‘A’ Levels are assessed by exams which cover the four skill areas.  There will be a spoken exam along with written papers, which will test students’ listening and reading skills along with their grammatical knowledge and ability to write at length in French.

Future Opportunities:

Universities (particularly Oxbridge and those in the Russell Group) recognise that language ‘A’ levels are extremely challenging and require a high level of commitment from those who study them. ‘A’ Level French therefore enhances university applications for all courses.  French can be studied at degree level or combined with other subjects at most universities.  For those who choose to study a language further, their employment prospects are greatly enhanced.  We operate in a globalised market and those who can speak a second language give themselves the edge over their competitors.  Languages are hugely exciting because they also facilitate foreign travel and provide insight into other cultures and societies.  Careers opportunities for linguists are limitless.  Key job sectors include translation and interpreting, teaching, marketing, media, retail, law, finance and just about any other sector you can think of.