Subject: Further Maths

Further Mathematics is an extension of the ‘A’ Level Maths course and studies several of the topics covered in more detail as well as introducing brand new concepts.  In Year 12, students will study one compulsory further pure unit containing topics such as complex numbers, matrices and finding roots of equations using numerical methods.  They will also study two decision maths units which include algorithms and linear programming which are closely related to computing.  In Year 13, students will study two further pure units looking at differential equations, further matrices and complex numbers and polar coordinates.  They will also study one applied unit in either statistics or mechanics.  Please note that ‘A’ Level maths must be taken in order to do further maths. 

Skills Attained:

The Further Maths course also develops students’ analytical and problem solving skills.  They will be expected to apply their knowledge to a variety of complex problems.  The decision maths modules studied will help to students to understand the importance of being accurate and precise as well as giving them an idea of how computer programs use algorithms to sort data, allocate tasks and find the shortest route between two points.  The further pure units will improve students’ algebra skills. 


The course is assessed by external examination only with the three AS modules taken in the summer of Year 12 and the three A2 modules in the summer of Year 13.  Internal assessments to monitor the progress of students over the course of Years 12 and 13 are regular and homework tasks are given out on a weekly basis.  

Future Opportunities

Further Maths is an excellent ‘A’ Level to have for students considering a maths-related degree at university.  As Further Maths is not compulsory to study a maths degree, the first year of most maths degree courses contain modules which cover topics studied in a Further Maths ‘A’ Level.  This gives those who have studied Further Maths a significant advantage when beginning a Maths degree.  Further Maths is also useful for students studying science-based or finance-based courses at university.