Subject: ICT

‘A’ Level ICT aims to get you thinking creatively about how ICT can be used and applied. It will do this by engaging you in studies and tasks that require you to logically analyse problems, produce solutions for them and to then critically assess your work. However, ‘A’ Level ICT studies will involve more than solely working on a computer to solve problems as you will also have to learn about the social implications of ICT, considering things such as legal and ethical aspects and the role of large organisations/corporations in the ICT world. You will also learn about the role of ICT in management and dissemination of information

Skills Attained:

The course provides opportunities for the development of critical, reflective, problem-solving and independent learning skills through the planning, research and evaluation of a self-selected project. You will develop knowledge and understanding of the components, functions and applications of information systems within a range of organisations. You will also apply your knowledge and understanding of ICT and use skills (e.g. planning, research, evaluation, problem solving) to develop IT solutions. You will develop an understanding of the impact of information systems on organisations’ personnel, policies and practices, and on society as a whole. At A2, you will build upon multimedia and project management skills and develop a greater understanding of the need to work with others.


The course is assessed by written examinations and internal assessments. The exams will cover both theoretical ideas and understanding of the practical uses concerning ICT.  The coursework will involve the use of your skills and knowledge based upon the Practical Issues Involved in the Use of ICT in the Digital World and will assess you investigating, analytical and evaluating skills. This will be done by giving you an opportunity to create a system for a user, to develop your ability to analyse, appraise and make critical judgments about the use of ICT.  

Future Opportunities:

The course will provides opportunities for progression into employment within the ICT and Computing industry or progression onto Higher Education courses such as a degree in Information Communication Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Networking, Multimedia/Web Design, Computer Forensics and Computer/Business Analyst.  It is also particularly useful if you intend to study Economics or Accounting at degree level.