Subject: Music

Music continues from the GCSE course in studying the main areas of Performing, Composing, and Listening / Analysis through Set Composers. It is a great course to study if you are interested in all aspects of Music! This subject is available as an ‘A’ Level subject and a BTEC subject. The subject teacher will assess which qualification is most suitable for the individual student.

Skills Attained:

  • The course will require you to be a keen and confident musical performer who is willing to work both solo and in groups

  • You must have an interest in or be willing to investigate a wide variety of music

  • You must be able to attend a school ensemble as part of your course

  • GCSE or Level 2 BTEC Music is an advantage but not necessary to complete this course

  • Throughout the course you will gain experience in working to a performance and composition brief and an understanding of how music works, considering its social and historical context using skills of research and evaluation.  The course will require you to participate in group discussions and work in groups, thereby improving communication skills. Students will be expected to practice their solo instrument outside of lessons, demonstrating good independent learning skills.


You will usually complete two units in Year 12 and three in Year 13.

You will complete three compulsory units each year on Music Performance, Composition and Musical Understanding.

Music Performance (30%):

You will perform a recital.

(AS: 6 minutes, A2: 12 minutes)

Music Composition (30%):

You will compose to a brief set by Edexcel at AS.  At A2 you will either complete Technical studies or Compositions to a brief.

Musical Understanding (40%):

A written exam on Set Composers and Music Theory.

Future Opportunities

This course could lead to a Music Degree at University or an alternative course for example Composition or Music Technology.  Possible careers include Ensemble Director, Music Production, Music Teacher, and Music Therapist.  ‘A’ Level Music students are sought after for their varied abilities including creative thinking, analysis, independent learning and team work skills.