Subject: Art and Design

In Art and Design you will make practical and critical/contextual work in one or more areas including drawing and painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, animation, video and photography. You will be introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a range of fine art media, techniques and processes, including both traditional (painting, drawing, printmaking etc.) and new technologies (digital art, photography). You will then develop your own ideas and interests. You will learn how to understand and analyse the work of others and look at a range of artwork from a range of artists and ceramicists from different cultures around the world and throughout history.

Skills Attained:

You will develop your research skills.
You will explore and demonstrate an ability to draw from observation using a wide range of different media.
You will learn how to use a sketchbook to show the progression of work and the development of ideas, leading to a final outcome.
In addition you will experience different learning styles such as practical work, extended writing work, coursework, independent learning, group work, numeracy and reading.

Future Opportunities:

Fine Artist, Mechanical Artist, Sculpture, Printmaking, Print and digital Design, Digital Artist, Craft Artist, Art Critic, Art Dealer, Art Consultant, Art Therapy, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Art Director, Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Archaeologist Artist, Botanical Illustration, Medical Illustration, Graphic Design, Website Design, Video Game Design, Packaging Design, Product Design, Advertising Design, Cartoonist, Animation, Photographer, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Architect, Teacher, tutor, Lecturer, Art Historian, Set Design (TV, Film or Theatre) Art Director, Creative Director, Film and Video Editing.