Main School Postal Address: Highgate, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 4BQ
Telephone: 01274 941941   Email:

Contact for Enquiries - Mrs Patricia Green       (PA to the Headteacher)

Student Absence Years 7-11: Telephone: 01274 941900 Email:
Student Absence 6th Form: Telephone: 01274 941901 Email:

Student Absence TEXT (all year groups): 07860 027212 – This is the phone number the school uses when sending out text messages.
We would ask Parents/Carers to please save this number to your phone wherever possible.

Year Team Offices

Y7, Y8, Y9

Y10 and Y11 Girls

Y10 and Y11 Boys

Y12 and Y13

Tel: 01274 941943

Tel: 01274 941943

Tel: 01274 941944

Tel: 01274 941945

If you would like to contact us about any non urgent matters then please complete the form below.

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