Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College is central to our aim at providing outstanding education. We aim to provide both breadth and depth to our curriculum, allowing our young people to develop the skills and attributes which will prepare them for life in a modern, democratic Britain. We promote tolerance and respect of different cultures, lifestyles and religious beliefs.

Students follow the full range of National Curriculum subjects throughout Key Stage Three.
Click on a subject below to view the Curriculum Map for Year 7 - 11.

English, Mathematics and Science are taught in ‘sets’ throughout Key Stage Three

Year 7

Our school uses a range of assessment data (Primary school Key Stage 2 test scores, CAT4 test scores and external English, Maths and Science tests) to place students onto personalised ‘Progress Plans’ that they follow in each subject.  Students and parents will be notified which colour coded ‘pathway’ they will follow to help them consolidate what they have previously learned and provide stretch and challenge to underpin new learning. 
Click on the link below to view the individual ‘Progress Plan’ for each subject.

Year 7 Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma

Students in Year 7 will study towards the Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma in Year 7 this academic year.  The Diploma consists of three strands;

  • ECCLESIA (Spiritual, Community and Charity)
  • SCHOLASTICA (Academic achievement)
  • OLYMPIA (Co-curricular participation)

Click on the link below to view further details of how students will attain the diploma.