Year 7 Learning Muscles

We believe that it is our duty to educate the whole child and to prepare them for a volatile working world.  We therefore feel that it is important to provide our students with the necessary learning skills to allow them to flourish once they have completed their journey with us


In Year 6, our students are introduced to the ‘Superheroes of Learning’.  These Superheroes each represent a key learning skill and aim to aid the transition of our young people into life at our school.  As the students progress through our school, we remove the scaffold of these characters, and the 6 ‘Superheroes of Learning’ become our 6 ‘Learning Muscles’.

 The 6 Learning Muscles are:

  • Resilience: Where students are encouraged to show grit and determination when faced with difficult challenges.

  • Aspiration: Where our students are encouraged to be ambitious and set challenging goals.

  • Teamwork: Where our students are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers.

  • Independence: Where our students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and avoid distractions.

  • Creativity: Where our students are encouraged to take calculated risks with their learning and think outside the box.

  • Reflection: Where students are encouraged to think carefully on any successes and areas for development. 

The 6 Learning Muscles are an integral aspect of our rewards system as students at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s are awarded ‘PAT my back’ achievement points when they display any of these 6 muscles in lesson.  The Learning Muscles are also a key feature of our Shine Days, where students are given time to reflect upon their progress and experience sessions based around particular muscles.  Year 8-11 students must also reflect on their Learning Muscles each week in form time, and set targets to improve them. Finally, interventions for underachieving students are also often built around improving their learning skills by delivering sessions based around our 6 Learning Muscles.

Year 7 Tougher Minds Project

Students in Year 7 will follow the ‘Tougher Minds – Personal Change Management Programme’ as part of the Christus Lumen Gentium Diploma.  The aim of this programme is to support students with their academic performance, health and their happiness.  The course will provide students with an understanding of how their brain works and the importance of sleep, diet and exercise as well as developing a suite of key skills which aid high performance.

With this programme we aim to create virtuous cycles of improved performance and positive behaviour change attributes including:

  • Improvements in morale
  • Increased positivity
  • Growth mind-sets
  • Enhanced motivation  

Your son/daughter will work in six bite size sessions with the Tougher Minds. These six sessions will help them improve the following areas:

  • How can I improve my Diet, Exercise and Sleep? 
  • How can I motivate myself?
  • How can I learn more effectively?  
  • How can I control my activation? 
  • How can I build my confidence? 
  • How can I control my concentration? 

The Aim

Our aim is to teach students in our school the way of Tougher Minds and make them happier, healthier and higher performing both in and out of the classroom. 

We aim to raise achievement in all subject areas by giving students key skills to manage their own daily lives and their learning within the classroom or at home.