Subject: BTEC Business

Subject: Level 3 BTEC Business (Certificate, Subsidiary Diploma & Diploma)

Business is a subject that fully applies itself to many careers and job roles.  BTEC Business is a qualification that helps you to develop the practical skills and attributes that ensure that you have the ability to cope with the demands of both academic and vocational pathways.  With BTEC Business you will learn about both the theoretical and applied aspects of a range of topic areas that include subjects such as Marketing, Finance, E-commerce and Retail.  It will help you to learn about a broad range of business practices and theory, and it will provide you with the option to further develop your understanding and application of the subject area in a wide range of related opportunities. 

Skills Attained:

With BTEC Business having a largely practical focus it allows you to develop your investigative skills, analytical ability and a broad range of communication techniques. These attributes are highly sought out in both an academic and vocational context and they are “life-skills” that can be continually applied to a variety of different contexts within industry. 


BTEC Business is assessed through both coursework and examined units.  It is a subject that can be undertaken on a 3 or 6 units per year basis.  For every three units of work undertaken, two will be coursework based and one will be assessed by external examination.  The work itself will involve activities such as report writing, presentations and portfolio development.  The nature of the coursework units requires a high level of self-management and organisation. The course is delivered using a vocational focus to help ensure a realistic development of both practical and academic learner skills.  

Future Opportunities:

The vocational focus of BTEC helps to ensure that an array of academic, practical and personal opportunities are available to successful students. Upon completion of the course, students may choose to enter higher education, including Russell Group universities, or industry.  This widely recognised qualification can help to ensure subsequent careers are available within many professional sectors including Accountancy, Management, Retail and Commerce.