Subject: BTEC ICT

Subject: Level 3 BTEC in IT (Certificate, Subsidiary Diploma and Diploma)

BTEC IT is designed to give you practical experience in using common software and hardware in providing solutions to simulated real world situations.  This course involves practical, hands-on experience as well as classroom learning. It will help you gain and develop work-relevant skills, along with English and Mathematics, in a creative and enjoyable way. The course will give you an insight into what work is really like, helping you to make decisions about your future whilst keeping your career options open.


You are expected to:

  • carry out some independent research using the Internet and other sources, and present this in a suitable format e.g. computer hardware, IT systems

  • be able to master a wide range of software packages and use them appropriately without assistance e.g. database (ACCESS), web authoring (Dreamweaver), Desk Top Publishing (Publisher), animation (Flash), image production (Fireworks) and presentations (PowerPoint)

  • produce and manipulate digital images (Photoshop)

  • design, produce and publish a website of your choice to include multimedia and interactive components

  • make use of advanced database software features to capture, store and analyse data

  • present evidence of your work in a portfolio.


    Skills Attained:

    The course will allow you to learn how to express yourself confidently in a work environment by developing personal, learning and thinking skills. The course provides opportunities for the development of critical, reflective, problem-solving and independent learning skills through the planning, research and evaluation of a self-selected project. The course will developed your understand computer hardware, software, computer networking and is ideal in giving you an insight into various career options in ICT and Computing.   It provides hands-on skills in setting up and maintaining computer systems and setting up computer networks.  It will give you the opportunity to study new skills in areas such as Programming, Database Design, Graphics, Web Design, Animations and other areas of ICT & Computing. 


    The course is internally assessed and is 100% coursework based.  It covers both theoretical ideas and understanding of ICT and the practical application of ICT and Computing.   It involves completion of: 

  1. Task-based assessment

  2. Building a portfolio of evidence

  3. Practical demonstrations

  4. Written coursework.                                                                          

    All units are assessed internally.  

Future Opportunities:

The qualification is equivalent to ‘A’ levels and provides opportunities for progression into employment within the ICT & Computing industry or progression onto Higher Education courses such as a degree in Information Communication Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Networking, Multimedia/Web Design, Computer Animation and Computer Graphics.