Erasmus + Work Experience Project


14 year 12/13 students and 3 teachers, jetted off to Italy on Wednesday 5th April to take part in what was said to be ‘an experience of a lifetime’. The students took 2 weeks out in Italy skiing and working; half of the students tried their hand at being a ski rep with the company Max Ski and the other half did waitressing in 2 of the most popular hotels at the resort. Sometimes the work was tiring but was very enjoyable.

Being a ski rep included things such as helping other schools put on their ski wear and setting them up for the day, we also helped out with many other activities on a night, doing things such as different quizzes, a disco, bowling and even a little bit of karaoke.

We did 3 hours of skiing a day and although some didn’t ski every day, everyone said that it was one of the best thing they’ve ever done.

Every student said that they have had an experience of a life time and have learnt a lot from this trip . All the students would like to say a massive thanks to the teachers for giving us this opportunity.

Report by Ellie Lister , Year 12

Visit to St Francis Primary


As part of a Primary CPD opportunity Miss Rollings visited St Francis Primary School to deliver two dance sessions to year 1 and year 6 students.

Year 1 created a dance based on a poem about ‘Spring Time’ and Year 6 learnt a Rock n Roll dance.

Miss Rollings said "all the students performed with great energy and enthusiasm and were a pleasure to teach. A lot of the Year 6 students are coming to SBSJ next year and they are very excited, they already had lots of questions and can’t wait to start their new school".

year 6

Year 12 Geography Field Trip

Year 12 geography students braved the cold River Aire for the first of 2 days of field work. They undertook a variety of investigations in the river including width, depth and wetted perimeter. The day went well despite the cold weather and everyone was in good spirits. We are looking forward to our 2nd day out in Scarborough where we hope the weather will have improved for us.