old school tie

Many thanks to Mr Swift for the donation of these wonderful items, we are hoping to create a showcase of artifacts such as these for both St Joseph' and St Bede's. 

If you have any old school memorabilia or photographs then I would love to see them and if possible add to our collection below. I am particularly interested in any pre 1970's. Please email to Mary Blythe  newsdesk@sbsj.co.uk

Passing of Former St Bede's School Captain Roger Byrne

Roger was School Captain at St Bede's in 1959.  He had very fond memories of his time at St Bede's as a student.  Following his school days at St Bede's Roger began his career as professor in the Geography Department at U.C. Berkeley in 1973 after finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. He established the Quaternary Paleoecology Lab and was an Associate Curator with the UC Museum of Paleontology.  Read More