Here at SBSJ we are very lucky to have several people who are here to help. What ever the problem we have someone who can listen and advise you. “Any concerns or worries? We may be able to help, pop in and see us in Radiate”

Safer Schools Police Officers

wpc applebee

wpc applebee

We would like to introduce ourselves. As Safer Schools’ Police Officers, we work within a cluster of Bradford schools in partnership with teachers, other education services and related agencies, to identify, support and work with children and young people regarded as being at high risk of victimisation, offending and social exclusion. We focus on the prevention and reduction of crime, anti-social behaviour and related incidents in and around schools. We deal with bullying and violence (experienced by pupils and staff), truancy and exclusion, damage to school buildings, cyber offences and other potentially criminal activity. 

Our aim is to deal positively with offenders and offer reassurance to victims. If the conversation is to be recorded and official, we will get permission from parents first. 

wpc melbardis

wpc melbardis

Officers work in partnership with schools to establish and support both existing and new means of dealing with incidents, including the use of restorative justice approaches.

The use of the restorative justice approach reduces the amount of young people brought into the criminal justice system, therefore reducing the amounts of young people being criminalised.  

If you wish to discuss these or any other matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the Radiate team.  

Kind regards,
PC Amanda Melbardis
PC Katie Applebee

School nurse Julie Arcuri

School nurse
Julie Arcuri

catholic care Mrs toni shearer

catholic care
Mrs toni shearer