School Buses

All students travelling on a school special bus need to have a Priority Photocard to allow them to board the school bus.  Applications can be obtained from the metro generationm website

  • Students and parents are reminded that school special buses will always run although sometimes may be late due to weather and traffic conditions.  We ask that students remain at bus stops as the bus will arrive. 

  • School special buses will always complete their route and arrive at school, students are asked to remain on the bus and complete the journey.  In the rare instance a school bus cannot run, students are to remain on the bus, and Metro will send a replacement bus to transfer the students to school.

For school bus service delays please follow the bus Twitter feed @metrogenm you don't have to have a Twitter account to see updates - you can use the web link or   to see the latest messages.  Metro endeavor to report any major or long-term disruptions on this web site (e.g. during severe snow days). Please frequently refresh your browser.  

The telephone number to contact for queries surrounding school buses is 0113 3481122

All students must have a Priority Boarding (yellow) card in addition to their zero-fare or half-fare pass.

If insufficient numbers apply for bus passes for any given service, then the Metro will provide a smaller bus/minibus service for those who have applied.

Students who currently buy weekly or monthly School Plus or 16-25 tickets can now buy them at over 700 Payzone outlets. Open around 90 hours every week, Payzone shops are the place to add SchoolPlus weekly and monthly as well as discounted 16-25 weekly, monthly and term-time travel products to Young Person’s PhotoCards, Scholar’s PhotoCards and 16-25 PhotoCards. Find your local Payzoine outlet by visiting

School Bus Numbers:

A17 Ardor Bradford Interchange – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B1 Ardor Thornton Road – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B2 Ardor Staygate Roundabout – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B3 Ardor Queensbury – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B4 Ardor Killinghall Road – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B5 Ignis & Ardor Cottingley (AM) / Frizinghall (PM) – Ignis Site (Lower School) & Ardor Site (Upper School)
B6 Ardor Greengates – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B7 Ignis Thornton Road – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B8 Ignis Manchester Road / Mayo Avenue – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B9 Ignis Thornton – Ignis Site (Lower School) [new service starting 4th November 2014]
B12 Ardor Odsal Top – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B13 Ignis & Ardor Tong Street – Ignis Site (Lower School) & Ardor Site (Upper School)
B14 Ignis Five Lane Ends – Greengates – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B15 Ignis Killinghall Road – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B16 Ignis Queensbury – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B18 Ignis Staygate Roundabout – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B22 Ignis & Ardor Buttershaw – Ardor Site (Upper School)
B23 Ignis Clayton – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B24 Ignis & Ardor  Greengates – Ignis Site (Lower School) & Ardor Site (Upper School)
B25 Ignis Buttershaw – Ignis Site (Lower School)
B26 Ignis & Ardor Bingley – Ignis Site (Lower School) & Ardor Site (Upper School)

Click on the following link to review the Code of conduct.
Code of conduct

11-16 year olds can apply online or at a local Bus Station Travel Centre and the first one is free. Visit the generationM website for more information.