Metro Card Information

Operators own tickets (ie. FirstBus Day and Weekly Riders) are no longer valid on school services:

MCard and MetroCard passes continue to be valid on all these services. This decision is beyond the control of the school and affects all school services in Bradford. It is due to a change in the way the services are contracted.  Details of how and where to buy MCard and MetroCard passes can be found at:
Students must have an Under 16 or 16-18 Photocard and, if not, they should be paying the adult fare. You can find information on how to apply for an Under 16 Photocard can be found on the Metro Website. 

·         Weekly and Monthly MetroCards can be purchased and used on all services
·         Students without an U16 or U16-18 Photocard will be charged full fare from January

Update to School Bus Service

The school bus provider, Metro, has indicated to us that there is likely to be a change to a number of the buses serving St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College from September. This will include the merger of some services so that one bus will serve both sites, as is the case with four of our current services, rather than two serving the separate sites. Timetables will be amended to allow for the journey between sites. Metro’s plans are based on the applications that they have received and the existing “zero-fare” students. All details, including service changes and timetable updates, will be provided by Metro when they send bus passes/boarding cards to home addresses during the school holiday. In addition the details will be posted on the Metro website . Once we receive the details from Metro, we shall post them on our school website.  Students who are not in possession of boarding passes or zero-fare passes will not have access to school services.

29th August 2017 Update from METRO on their website

From September 2017 ALL services- except the B17- will now call at both sites. This is a new amendment and the timetables above do not yet reflect this change. The timetables will be updated in due course. In summary, services in the morning will operate to the times currently shown on the timetable and arrive at Ignis at 08:30 but  will continue to Ardor for 08:40. In the afternoon, services will depart Ignis at 15:35 then depart Ardor at 15:45 and will operate throughout around 10 minutes later than the times shown on the timetables above.