leader week 3

Week 3: Diploma Games: Spelling


It was the third diploma games on the 17th of March. Last week was the spelling challenge where the teams were given 16 words which they had to spell. 

One student from 7C said “Originally I was very nervous and so was the rest of my team but once we started, it was easier than expected and of course lots of fun!” Most questions were for 1 point but there were 4 bonus questions that were even harder. 

After everyone was finished, the sheets were handed in and the scores calculated and the winner…? 7E. Well done for getting full marks!!! So, with these results, 7C are now 1st on the leader board since getting 38 points out of a possible 41 in spelling and 7J are 2nd after getting 39 points. 

By Lilian Bingham

Week 2: Diploma games: Maths

week 2

On Friday 10th March, it was the second week of the year 7 diploma games and this was all about resilience. The 10 forms had to answer all off the 4 maths sheets (which contained a tricky problem) given to them, whoever finished first with all the right answers would win!

The first problem was a grid with missing numbers where every line had to add up to 34 which was already a hard start to the games! 7I were the first to finish this and were onto the second...

The second was the dominoes challenge where you had to line up the dominoes you were given but each row and Colum had to add up to a certain number. This proved to be the hardest of them all which unfortunately added to lots of arguments between teammates.

Then came the third and fourth, another grid and a problem solving question and by this point things were getting tense! All the teams were working their hardest to get first place, all the teams wanted to finish first but even if you were first, would you be right? One child said “It was the final and everyone was panicking, with only minutes left, we still had one more sheet to go and other forms where already finishing, what could we do?” 7F finished first then it was 7I and 7J but who was right?

In joint 1st was: 7J and 7I!   Well done!

Because of this, both forms got 31 points and on the leader board it is now 7I with 7C in first place with 47 points and 7J closely following in 2nd with 45! But what will happen next? Who will be the overall champion??? We still have 4 weeks left to go....

Report by Lilian Bingham 7J of the SBSJ Student News Crew

The first week of The Diploma Games.

The event was block-building which focused on one of our 6 learning muscles, Aspiration. Every form had to work together to build the tallest tower using only lollypop sticks and blu-tack. This was quite a challenge as each group of five only had ten minutes to make sure their tower was the best.

All groups got off to a good start, thinking and sharing creative ideas. Some decided to build a sturdy base for the tower, while others just stuck the lollypop sticks straight to the floor with blu-tack.

After five minutes had gone, most teams had started to build their towers but some were still debating about how to build it. After another two minutes, every group had started building but some of them were having second thoughts about putting together the base.

One minute left and some teams were cracking under the pressure! Some had adapted their towers to make them taller while others started from scratch. The minute soon went by and everyone was anxious to see the scores. Mr Walsh & Miss Rollings measured the height of each tower and told us that winners would be announced later on in the day during the Year 7 Shine Assembly.

But there were still more points up for grabs…

It was the Friday afternoon and everyone was in OLH waiting for the scores to come through. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Mr. Walsh announced that our form tutors could grab some bonus points for us! Each form started chanting their form tutors name and the atmosphere was brilliant as they supported their apprehensive form tutors walking to the stage.

The form tutors were told to line up on the stage and soon found out that they had to roll a foam ball along a thin plank of wood without it falling off and go into the hole on the wood at the other side. It sounded simple but little did they know it was a lot harder than they thought...

All ten form tutors were waiting for their go. The first form tutor stepped up and found this challenge a lot more difficult than they thought. The atmosphere was intense throughout and when all the form tutors had tried this challenge, only two out of the ten had done it! 7C and 7I all got extra points which shot them ahead of most forms. The crowd went wild when Mrs Myers (7I’s form tutor) ‘dabbed’ as she won the points for her form!

7A won the tower building challenge but the added bonus points have meant 7C are currently in the lead with 7I and 7A just behind!

Only week 1 and the scores are so close already and it could all change next week. The forms are feeling competitive and we can’t wait to see what is going to happen next week!

This Friday…..Resilience…..which form will demonstrate determination when faced with the most difficult challenges!

Report by Tom Fiddler, SBSJ News team