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St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College


The College day is only so long and we cannot possibly fit everything into the time allowed.  However, at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College we are passionate about our goal of offering as many opportunities and chances for success as possible to all students.

Extra Curricular


To achieve this aim, we have hardworking and dedicated staff who give many hours of their free time each week to create an extra-curricular programme, which covers all walks of life.  We understand that the benefits of these opportunities can be life changing and life long activities and we encourage all students to take part. 

We know that involvement in these clubs and events encourages better relationships with staff and peers, it raises self-esteem and enables students to make a valued contribution to the College and the wider society they live in.  Students have involved themselves in wide and diverse interests in College and within the local area and they learn valuable lessons about time management, prioritizing and long term commitments.  Sensible involvement in extra-curricular programmes is proven to improve academic success.

Many of our ex-students have gone on to represent teams and clubs at higher levels or even organise and run clubs of their own to the benefit of future generations.  The times they spent taking part after College or at weekends and in the holidays are the building blocks for the development of a school leaver with better prospects of success in life.  You only have to talk to those of past generations to realise that these opportunities are the things they remember most about their time at College.

The College is committed to ensuring that our extra-curricular programme is both comprehensive and diverse and we would ask parents to encourage their sons and daughters to participate in as many of these activities as their life and College work will allow.

There are many opportunities for public speaking and business experience and a range of charitable fund raising events take place every year.

Central to the mission of the College is the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, a fantastic opportunity for the students to support and contribute to our wider community.


Activities routinely on offer throughout the College year include;

  • Art Enrichment - GCSE Year 11

  • The Feast Interfaith Chaplaincy Meeting

  • Cafod

  • Dr Who Group

  • Year 8 Programming Club

  • Film Club Year 7 & 8

  • Maths Club

  • Cross Fit

  • 5-A-Side & Basketball

  • Cross Fit

  • Bikeability Training Year 7

  • Young Sports Leader & Water Sports Activities Yr8

  • First Aid Course Year 9

  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze/Silver Year10

  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Year 12 & 13

  • Sports Leaders Awards Level 2 and 3

  • Football Coaching Years 7-9 (FREE)

  • Table Tennis

  • Cricket

  • Squash & Tennis

  • Swimming & Water Polo Training

  • Cheerleading

  • Screen Writing Club

  • Year 7 Drama Club

  • Theatre Company

  • Boys Dance Club

  • Ignite Dance Company

  • Bradford Catholic Girls Choir

  • Elastic Band

  • Vocal Groups

  • Brass Band

  • Bradford Catholic Boys Choir

  • Guitar Club

  • Drum Club

  • Homework Club

  • Year 11 Additional Science Catch Up

  • Achievement Centre

  • KS3/KS4 Homework Clubs

  • Year 8 Games Club

  • Science Club

 Biology After School revision Year 11

  • English & Media Catch Up/Revision

  • Kindle Book Groups

  • Cooking club

  • Jujitsu

  • Fencing

  • Archery

  • Climbing

  • Ski lessons

  • Library club

  • Write for Rights

  • Dodgeball

  • Rugby League and union

  • Lunchtime Languages

  • School productions

  • Museum and gallery visits

  • Residentials and Trips abroad

  • Field work visits

  • Solutions for the Planet