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St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College

Guide to setting up Arbor

We have recently released access for parents to a new service, Arbor.

This website/app enables parents to access a wealth of real-time information about your child’s progress, performance, pay for meals, monitor behavior and more - from both a website and an app for your phone.

At the start of the school year welcome emails are sent out to new parents. Don’t worry if you are new or you haven’t received your email, all you need to do is go to the login page linked below and follow the 'forgot password' link, entering the email address you have us on your data collection form, and you can retrieve your login details.

Arbor Login Page

Students can access their Student Portal in the same way. There is not yet an Arbor App, so students should use a web browser to log in.


 If you have forgotten your password

You can request a new one by clicking on the Reset Login link on the login page. Simply click Help > Reset an enter the email address you gave the school on your most recent data collection sheet.

The getting started guide will help you quickly and easily start leveraging information about your child’s school life to help improve their educational experience.

Help with setting up your child's Microsoft account

The school with provide your child with a @sbsj.co.uk email account. 

This is known as their 'School or Work' Microsoft Account and is fully licensed to use a suite of Microsoft Office 365 products.

Their Microsoft account will allow them to login to the school computers and access remote learning resources from home, such as Microsoft Teams along with any other software you see the 'login using Microsoft' logo.

Passwords are given to year 7 upon arrival however, if your child needs a password reset, you will need to see the IT support department during school hours. Alternatively, you can follow the self-service password reset guide below to enable the ability to reset your own password

All student accounts need to be secured with 2FA or MFA (2 Form Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication).

To set this up, your child will need:

1) Access to a smart phone/tablet for the Microsoft Authenticator App

2) Access to a telephone number to receive a code via either call or SMS


If your child does not have access to their own number and smart device, they can use yours. It's worth noting that once you have set this up your child will not require them to login whilst onsite at either Ignis or Ardor

MFA will only be required when logging into the system from outside of school

you can remember login settings for 90 days on trusted home devices too.Y 

We will begin this guide by showing you how to properly setup 2FA.

  • Login to Microsoft Office 365 by going to https://office.com

  • Sign in with your given username, for example 15206@sbsj.co.uk

  • Enter your password, you may be asked to change it if it your first time logging on

    IMPORTANT: Passwords need to be at least 8 characters and contain upper and lowercase letter with numbers, for example Naq92064

  • You will now be asked to take extra steps to secure your account, follow the guide to setup the Microsoft Authenticator App, you will need to download it and follow the instructions, you may need to provide a telephone backup number in case you ever lose access to the app.

    Choose the options in the guide which best suits you however, we recommend you chose the option to Authenticate using the App first, and receive a SMS text as a second choice.

Once you have setup 2FA, you will continue onto the Microsoft Office 365 Dashboard where you can access all your personal files, Microsoft software and Teams sites. 

Feel free to Install Office365 on up to 5 home computers or devices

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

It is possible to reset your own password in the event of a lost password.

First you must register for SSPR and use at leat 2 authentication methods, if you have already setup 2FA then this part is complete – review and register other methods of password reset using this link https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info

Once you have registered, following the instructions on this link to recover access to your account and to change your password https://aka.ms/sspr

Contact IT support for help

Our IT support department is here to help with any IT related enquiries to help you get online with Arbor or with questions related to your Office365 account. 

Please use the form below to submit your IT support enquiry.

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