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St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College

Physical Education

Subject Intent

We aim to provide a broad and ambitious Physical Education curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which develops physical, social and emotional well-being. Our curriculum incorporates a rich extra-curricular offer giving students the opportunity to develop a life-long love of physical activity, developing both team work and leadership skills alongside. By developing physical, technical and tactical sports skills, we prepare students for their next steps in their Physical and Sports Education and beyond. 


Click here for Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map - Boys

Click here for Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map - Girls


Click each year group below to find out a little more information.


Year 7

 Year 7 Curriculum map - Boys 

 Year 7 Curriculum map - Girls

Year 8

 Year 8 Curriculum map - Boys

 Year 8 Curriculum map - Girls

Year 9

 Year 9 Curriculum map - Boys

 Year 9 Curriculum map - Girls



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