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St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College

St Luke

House Feast Day 18 October

"Regnum Dei intra vos est"

 The kingdom of God is within you   (Luke 17:21)


Our Motto is very simple, but it means so much to us. If we believe that The Kingdom of God is within us all, then we will automatically value ourselves and each other. We are all responsible for creating God’s Kingdom of heaven in our school, and in our wider community. It also means that we understand our own qualities and what contributions we can make to helping others and sharing God with them.

A message to all in St Luke House              








Fr Anthony Jackson

St Luke was an important member of the early Church. He was a follower of St Paul and wrote over a quarter of the New Testament. As well as his Gospel, Act of the Apostles is also attributed to him. He was from Greece and was referred to in scripture as a doctor, or one who heals.

Each year we celebrate the feast of The Presentation of The Lord and we hear St Luke’s Gospel version of the time when Mary and Joseph took a young Jesus to the Temple to present him to The Lord and make a sacrifice in thanksgiving for him. We are reminded of the way that Simeon recognised Jesus as Christ, the one sent by God to bring salvation to all people. It is Luke’s Gospel that gives us our College Motto as he identifies Jesus as a “light for all nations.” Our house is diverse, but united in Jesus.

As well as our College motto, St Luke also gives us our house motto “The Kingdom of God is within us.” (Luke 17;21) The meaning of this is very simple for us. The Kingdom of God is not something we will encounter in the future, it is something we create. We create it by being the virtuous people that God wants us to be and by demonstrating the virtues we have in school. Having virtue not only gets us rewards now, but also for eternity.


Staff Information and Contact Details

The House manager is the member of staff you should contact if you have a query/question regarding your child. The House Manager can liaise on your behalf with other staff to answer your query or solve your problem.

Tel: 01274 941960

Tel: 01274 941965
Email: luke@sbsj.co.uk

To report a student absence, please call, text or email using the details below:

Tel: 01274 941900
Email: absence@sbsj.co.uk


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