Subject: Maths

Mathematics at ‘A’ Level is a demanding but enjoyable subject which goes well with Science subjects and others such as Geography.  The course builds upon knowledge gained at GCSE as well as introducing new concepts and looking at some GCSE content in more detail.  In Year 12, students will study two compulsory core maths units which cover the areas of algebra, geometry and number as well as one applied unit in statistics.  In Year 13, students will again study two compulsory core maths units and an applied unit in mechanics. 

Skills Attained:

The Maths course develops students’ analytical and problem solving skills.  They will be expected to apply their knowledge to a variety of contexts.  The statistics aspect of the course teaches students how to analyse and present data.  The mechanics module has a significant crossover with ‘A’ Level Physics and allows students to apply mathematical concepts in real-world contexts involving forces, gravity, speed and acceleration. 


The course is assessed by external examination only with the three AS modules taken in the summer of Year 12 and the three A2 modules in the summer of Year 13.  Internal assessments to monitor the progress of students over the course of Years 12 and 13 are regular and homework tasks are given out on a weekly basis.  There will be a baseline assessment in September of Year 12 to assess knowledge of grade A and A* GCSE material. 

Future Opportunities:

Mathematics is highly valued ‘A’ Level by both universities and employers alike.  Many science-based courses at university require the study of at least 2 ‘hard science’ subjects at ‘A’ Level of which Maths is one.  It is therefore an excellent ‘A’ Level to have for anybody who is thinking of taking subjects such as Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Optometry and other similar courses at university.  It is also useful for students looking to enter careers in the financial sector such as banking, finance, business, actuarial science, accountancy and tax, whether this is via a university course or straight into employment  after finishing in sixth form.