Subject: Media

‘A’ Level Media Studies is a challenging and versatile subject, which works well with Photography and the Humanities subjects. In this subject, you will learn to enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the media and its role in your daily life, as well as develop critical understanding of the media through engagement with media products and concepts and through the creative application of practical skills. Through exploring the production processes, technologies and other relevant contexts, you will become able and independent in your research skills and the application of theories in your practical work, developing your own views and interpretations.

Skills Attained:

In Year 12, you will investigate the media in order to understand and evaluate how meanings and responses are created. The contemporary media landscape and its changing contexts are studied in terms of products, platforms and technologies.

In Year 13, you are encouraged to demonstrate, develop and formulate your understanding of the media and its influential role in today's society as well as debating major contemporary media issues.

Future Opportunities:

One of the strengths of Media Studies is that it is constantly evolving in the contemporary landscape. It is, therefore, relevant for a wide variety of careers and university courses. The analytical skills gained are useful for areas such as English Language, Law or History, while the creative side of the course lends itself to Journalism or Advertising.