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There has never been a time when careers guidance has been as important for young people as it is today. The landscape of education, training and employment opportunities that students need to navigate is more complex and more challenging than that faced by previous generations. Young people need to prepare for a future where some jobs do not yet exist, they need to be able to develop a range of self-presentation and marketing skills including the use of digital and social media.

Qualifications such as GCSE and A level are changing, opportunities in higher education now extend beyond the UK to other parts of Europe and further afield. Students need help to make choices and manage transitions, they need good quality careers education, information, advice and guidance.

The school careers plan (student entitlement) sets out how the school intends to provide a fit for purpose careers programme. The plan defines the available resources which will provide our students with the knowledge, inspiration and ability to take ownership of their own career action plans enabling them to succeed in their chosen career paths. The school careers plan was originally based on the DfE document "Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools" dated March 2015. In line with the recent "Careers strategy: making the most of everyone’s skills and talents 2017" and subsequent guidance for schools and colleges the careers plan addresses the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, in particular Benchmark 1. Using the careers plan enables schools to track the career activities and interventions it provides for all of its students.

Careers education does not just mean informing students about their options after school but also how their school career will affect their futures. It is our statutory duty to ensure that all pupils receive independent and impartial information, advice and guidance regarding all options both within school and after leaving school to best highlight all career pathways available to them. By helping students with decisions at crucial stages, informing them of all their options and introducing them to the world of work we aim to prepare them for life after school whichever path they choose.

Links with our Enterprise Coordinator and Adviser network introduces and ensures that each year group will benefit from meaningful employer engagement within our programme. They support the school in working towards and in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.