At St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College, we believe that homework is an important part of every student’s entitlement.  It is an essential part of enabling students to achieve their potential and should be consistently applied across all key stages.  Cultivating the self-discipline and motivation to complete homework successfully, on time and with a high standard of presentation gives our students the edge in a highly competitive modern world.

We have always provided homework to extend students’ learning beyond the classroom hours, but now we are seeking to make this even more effective with a trial homework policy which has three aims.

          To ensure:

  • The consistent setting of homework in all subject areas
  • That students complete homework
  • That parents and carers are informed about homework so that they are able to monitor and support their children with working at home.

If students miss a deadline for homework, they will be allowed a short extension which will be recorded in their planner.  If they miss the second opportunity to complete the work, they will be assigned to a lunchtime catch-up session of 30 minutes which will be staffed by senior teachers.  Failure to attend the catch-up session will result in a C4 one hour detention after school under the school’s Radiate behaviour policy.  By implementing this policy, we hope all students will be supported to extend their learning in the most effective way.

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