At St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College, we are committed to developing our students as happy, confident, spiritually awake young people with a sense of community and a passion and a thirst for learning. We are also mindful of the first stated aim of St Bede’s school which, when agreed back in June 1900, stated that: ‘the school would provide a Catholic education equal in every respect to that which is given in the best public schools in England’. To help us meet these aims, we are introducing a new House system and developing our current tutoring arrangements.

We are extremely excited about our new House system as it will facilitate the building of cohesive family units within our College and help us to strengthen the relationship with our parents and carers. It will also provide the framework for further development of the Christus Lumen Gentium diploma. Ultimately, through the House system, we will expose every student to a wide range of opportunities and experiences that will support their learning, develop their leadership skills and enhance their enjoyment of College.  (Please note, these developments will not impact on your child’s curriculum offer or the site that they attend).