Subject: BTEC Applied Science

Subject: Level 3 BTEC Applied Science (Diploma, Subsidiary Diploma and Certificate)

Studying the BTEC Nationals in Applied Science increases the understanding of the role of the scientists within the scientific community and their responsibilities towards the community and the environment and also gives learners the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life. 

Skills Attained:

The BTEC Nationals were developed to give learners the opportunity to acquire technical and employability skills, knowledge and understanding which are transferable and will enable individuals to meet changing circumstances, whether these arise from a shift in their own status or employment, or general changes in applied science practice, provision or environment.

Some of these skills include:

•       Independent learning.

•       Problem solving skills.

•       Work-related learning.

•       Enterprise skills.

•       Communication / literacy / numeracy.

•       Risk assessment.

•       Project.

•       Self-evaluation 


There are no exams involved in this qualification. You must produce a portfolio of work that is criterion assessed. This work will count as evidence towards your final qualification. Completion of the course is based around a choice of compulsory core units and optional specialist units which vary depending upon the final qualification title.  

Future Opportunities:

Students that study BTEC Nationals are given opportunities to achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 vocationally-specific qualification. All our learners have the opportunity to enter employment in the science sector or to progress to vocational qualifications such as the Edexcel BTEC Higher Nationals in Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry or health-related or other science-related qualifications.

What do BTEC students say about BTEC and career progression?

Every year we talk to BTEC students who have completed their studies to find out how BTEC has changed their lives. We discovered:

• 85% of BTEC students who progressed to further studies expect to derive long-term, career-related benefits from their BTEC study

• 79% of BTEC studies who progressed into employment consider BTEC as an important stepping stone towards their dream job.