Monday 12th October Shine Day

Monday, 12 October will mark our first SHINE DAY. This is the day we have set aside following the first performance data collection of the year in order for all students and staff to reflect on their academic journey so far this term.

The normal College timetable will be collapsed in order for students to assess what strategies have best ignited their learning and what progress they have made. The staff will illuminate the way forward for each student with targeted advice and guidance; and finally we will celebrate our successes and achievements with special awards given to students who have really let their talents and hardwork shine through this term.

We hope the day will inspire and motivate all students to be the best they can be as we move forward together.

Students WILL NOT be expected to wear uniform on this day, instead bringing a £2.00 donation in for this privilege. The monies collected will go into the Student Champions’ budget for the year for the students to spend on their priorities they themselves agree.