7A raise enough to buy a 'Donkey that Delivers'

7 Alpha

7 Alpha form were looking for tasty ways to treat the students and staff of St Bede’s and St Joseph’s while doing their bit for CAFOD. These dedicated few baked some amazing buns and for those who felt festive they made some delicious mince pies, to sell for 20 pence. Before the sound of the bell to signal the start of break we had year 10 students begging for a bun with some giving £1 per purchase.

Well done to all the girls in the form for baking these treats, and to the boys of 7 Alpha I say thank you for rounding up hungry students and sending them our way. 

7 Alpha would just like to thank everyone for coming and to say we have now raised £60 for CAFOD which can provide those less fortunate with a “Donkey that Delivers”. We hope to see everyone next week when we will be doing it all again in the hope we can raise enough money to give someone the opportunity to become a “village vet.”

7 Alpha and Miss Devanny

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