Students Mix up a storm!

This term St. Bede’s and St. Joseph’s was one of only 3 Bradford Secondary Schools selected to take part in the “Sound of the Suburbs” project funded by Bradford Music Hub.  15 musically talented Year students worked with staff from All Star Entertainment on DJ work and Production composing their own song using Ableton sequencing technology and DJing using digital platforms to learn a variety of techniques including looping, mixing, beat matching and FX.

“My experience in the DJ project was really fun. I learnt how to use advanced recording software and hardware, mixing music using turntables which sounded great in live performance” Jed Ducusin, Y8.

The project culminated in a performance of the students’ work at Bradford Urban Festival on Saturday 11th July where our students performed as featured DJs on the same bill as big club names such as Tom Zanetti and Kane Towney (Sleepin’ Is Cheatin’) and Danny Bond.

“The Sound of the Suburbs project has been a fantastic opportunity for our Y8 students to work with Music Industry professionals to deliver a quality public performance representing the school at a high profile event.  It was amazing to see our boys DJing to the crowd in City Park and we hope to work with the Urban Festival & All Star Entertainment again on future projects.” Mrs Ross-Shaw, Head of Music