Cooking Club Delights

Food Technology on the Ignis site held its summer term after school Cooking Club during June/July 2015.  The sessions were 2 hours long and were attended mostly by Year 7 students and some Year 8.  They made a range of healthy, inspiring and economical dishes:


Inside-out Veggie Burgersmade from chickpeas and lentils.  Instead of eating them with a hamburger bun they are cut in half and served with a creamy garlic dipping sauce

Courgette Bake with Feta and Herb Crusta delicious vegetable dish with Greek Feta Cheese and rosemary giving it a Mediterranean flavour

Broad Bean and Bacon Pasta – using broad beans which are in season all through summer and wholemeal pasta giving it a higher fibre content

Speedy Biriani – a spicy Indian festival dish served in one pot

Mango and Banana Muffins – full of natural fruit sweetness

The students had the opportunity to practice a wide range of new cooking skills. They were given a recipe booklet at the end of the 5 weeks to take home and the intention is they share and pass on these recipes to their families. All ingredients were provided and funded by school and each student took home what they had cooked each week.