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Students on Work Experience

The work/ski experience trip that I went on in December of 2015 is one that I and my fellow students will never forget. When we arrived at our hotel after travelling we settled in and ate at the hotels restaurant. We all felt that the hotel was extremely welcoming with all staff being friendly and the rooms in the hotel being spacious and cosy.

On the first full day we visited the local town Madonna di Campligio, this was a great trip as it allowed us to see walk around and visit the local shops and also experiencing the local foods. We returned to our hotel and took the opportunity to explored the local area of Folgarida. The next morning we went up the ski lift and had our first lesson of skiing. Most of the group including myself were not exactly brilliant on skis but after a couple of lessons we were all doing well and towards the end of the week we were coming down the steep slopes.  The next day and after another a full day of skiing we started our work experience that night. Each of us were separated into groups of 3 and went to either hotels, or to work with the ski reps entertaining other students from different schools on an evening. Myself and two other students were assigned to work in the hotel that we were staying, we were greeted by a lovely man called Mario who taught us the ins and outs of waitressing in their restaurant. The rest of the team were very friendly and the language barrier did not stop us from having a good time with them. We worked both morning and evening shifts which at times could be tiring but when we were up on the slopes skiing throughout the day it was worth it.

I feel that this experience was something that I would most definitely be a part of again, it gave me the opportunity to make great friends with people outside of my usual friendship group, it allowed me to gain work experience which has helped in me gaining a new job in an Italian restaurant since I have returned from Folgarida and most importantly it has taught me a skill that I will have for the rest of my life which is the ability to ski. 

By Emma Smith, Year 13

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