Diary Dates for Parents of Year 11

Year 11 Achievement and Guidance Interview

In terms of academic achievement this is an extremely important year for your son/daughter. In the summer of 2016 they will receive examination results for their GCSE achievement which will determine their future higher education and career options.   Interviews for students to discuss their current progress and sixth form pathway or alternative for September 2016. These interviews will take place on either Thursday 28th January or Thursday 4th February. An individual appointment letter with a time will follow shortly.

As mentioned in our letter sent in December, the next stage of the transition process for all Year 11 students is to attend an achievement and guidance interview with a parent/carer so that sixth form subject choices can be discussed in relation to current data. This will allow every student who has applied to St Benedict’s Sixth Form the opportunity to share their future career goal and for the school to guide them onto the most appropriate sixth form pathway. If your son/daughter has not submitted a sixth form application form because they do not intend to transfer into the sixth form they will still be allocated an achievement and guidance interview time. This is so we can ensure they are guided onto the most appropriate apprenticeship, training course or college course for them. We want every one of our students to achieve success whatever their chosen pathway.

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