Year 13 Parents’ Evening and Year 13 Newsletter

Year 13 Parents’ Evening and Year 13 Newsletter

Year 13 Parents Evening, 20th October 2016, 4.30-7.30pm

The AS results day still seems so fresh in the memory, many of our students are now engaged in applying for apprenticeships or university places and now we look forward to our first chance to discuss the progress during the early part of Year 13. The year will move on rapidly from this point and on Thursday 20th October you will have the opportunity to discuss with subject teachers and Progress staff the next steps your son or daughter need to take to achieve the best grade possible as they look to leave and begin a new journey come August 2017.

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Emily and Adam

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate the vast majority of the students in Yr13 for their very positive start to their final year studies at St Benedict’s. We hope that their experience of A level and BTEC study in Yr12 has instilled the understanding and determination needed to succeed by the end of their year here. This year will be one of the busiest of their lives, but the hard work will be more than worth it. As well as information about Yr13’s parents’ evening, I would like to draw your attention to some important aspects of Yr13 over the next few months.

UCAS/Job/Apprenticeships ApplicationsYour son/daughter will have been allocated to a 6th form member of staff to act as their referee/advisor for university and job applications. The referee will write your son/daughter’s reference and give advice about course choices etc. They will also give advice concerning their personal statement. It is important to understand that it is the student’s responsibility to complete their application, including their personal statement, and that they need to use their time effectively if they are to be able to send their application by the school’s deadline of 15th December.


The school’s first SHINE day of the year will be on Thursday 3rd November. The first two periods will be normal timetabled lessons, with the remaining periods being devoted towards UCAS and job application workshops. This will give students extended time with their referees, and some students might be able to send their application on this day if they are ready to do so. If we are to assist your son/daughter with their UCAS applications it is imperative that they attend this day.

Study Time

After listening to student voice last year, we agreed that students should be allowed to study at home if they wish during their afternoon study sessions. The students were told that this privilege would be reviewed for each student with respect to attendance, work rate and progress at each Progress review. Please ensure that your son/daughter attends morning study periods as normal, as we often need to discuss issues/give notices to students at this time.

2016-17 St Benedict’s Charity

Every student as St Benedict’s has recently had the opportunity to vote for the 6th form’s charity of the year. The student t leaders presented 5 well-deserving causes to the students, and the result of the vote was a convincing win for ‘PAPYRUS’, a charity working towards preventing young suicide. Each year our 6th formers take part in a wide range of charity events, many planned by themselves. We are confident that we can beat last year’s fantastic total of £3,000










Mr M McNicholas                                          Mr L Ashdown

Director of Progression