Choosing a Wife for Henry Vlll

Heads will roll! 


Watch out, Henry VIII is about! Students in Year Eight have been assisting King Henry in his quest for a wife. They have examined a variety of sources of the problems which Henry VIII encountered with his struggle to keep control and power in Tudor England. Each student has written a lonely hearts column for the larger than life King outlining what qualities he was looking for in a potential wife, and then spent time independently researching interesting facts about each woman he married.  

Their main task was to compile their research into an original piece of work, which could be themed in any way they wanted, presenting their information and deciding which partner overall got the best deal being married to the King. Students have all produced completely different pieces of work, ranging from a Pokemon themed presentation, ‘Gotta catch them all’ around his various wives, information on various towers of Hampton Court using tea stained paper to look authentic, and even a Christmas themed poster where each wife was represented by a bauble. Presenting the information in a modern way, but using a historical theme and linking ideas to the present day really helped Year 8 get behind this, and they should all be really pleased with the work they have produced which will be going on display. 
Miss Winterlich