Impressive Wins for Our Y8 and Y10 Rugby Union Teams


SBSJ have linked with Bradford Salem RUFC. Training is on a Thursday after school for Y7 and Y8 boys. The boys are getting lots of expert coaching and concentrating on improving their attacking play.

Match Reports

Year 10

Hipperholme Lightcliffe 21 v 32 SBSJ

This match was a match where both teams were evenly matched, with big, strong skill-full forwards, speedy backs. The first 5 to 10 minutes looked pretty rough. It was going to be a long game! Then, slamming Alex Handol charged through the line offloading the ball, like Sonny Bill Williams, to speedy gonzales Jack Savage, who passed to, Nqabutho Burman Ramushu, diving over the line scoring the first tri…oops! The ball was put abit too short from the line. But luckily our slamming Handol twins, Alex and Luke, managed to score the first try, making it 7-0 to SBSJ. But without warning, Hipperholme Lightcliffe fired back the pressure, with their strong quick forwards, and their stepping god number 20 and speedster number 11 they had already scored. At half time the score was almost even 17-12 to SBSJ, thanksto good clearance and possession, the only thing lacking was support and organization to be honest. When the second half began, Hipperholme Lightcliffe came back into the game with full force, but our steaming, raging beasts Joshua Chima, Jacob Dunn, Owen Rodil, and myself let us not forget now, ran long, hard yards and our own Jack Savage organized play fantastically with help to the slamming Handol’s, shot tackling Stefan Giangregorio and Joe Foulds and Josh Burns. Finally, taking up for the little incident on the try line, the Burmanator (Nqabutho) scored 4 fantastic tries, along with Jack Savage’s little scoot, Stefan Giangregoio’s massive shots, Hipperholmes ribs will still be stinging this morning. What a great effort from rookie Umayr Naseem, who livened up the team, and kept us laughing and smiling enjoying the game. The final score was 32-21 to SBSJ. What a game!    

Match report by Nqabutho Burman Ramushu:

Managers thoughts by Mr Hannan

A wonderful second half performance saw us over the line in what was a very tight game. The power, speed and work rate of the team ensured we dominated the entire second half. I was really pleased with the aggression at the breakdown, particularly Jacob Dunn and Josh Chima. This gave us a strong platform on which to build and the likes of Savage and Ramushu felt the benefit of this with plenty of long ball carries. The highlight of the highlight of the game was Burman's crushing handoff to their forward's smug face. He had previously smashed a few of our lads, taking great pride in his achievements. Needless to say, he was invisible for the entire second half once Burman had addressed the issue.

The team:
Joe Foulds, Stefan Giangregorio, Josh Chima, Jack Savage, Burman Ramushu, Umayr Naseem, Jacob Dunn, Alex Handol, Luke Handol, Josh Witham

Year 8

Parkside 2 v 2 SBSJ
Oakbank 2 v 2 SBSJ
Titus Salts 1 v 4 SBSJ

The new Year 8 Rugby Union squad travelled to Parkside school to take part in their first tournament of the year. They played 3 games against Parkside, Titus Salts and Oakbank. For all the squad it was their first experience of competitive games and they acquitted themselves very well. They drew the first game with Parkside 2 tries each, the second game saw a convincing win against Titus salts by 4 tries to 1 and in the last game against Oakbank again they drew 2 tries each. Overall, they can be very proud of their achievements and moving forward could turn intro a very strong team the more experience they gain.

Finally what stood out for me was the way all the boys conducted themselves on and off the pitch. They represented us superbly and were a credit to the school.
Report by Mr Toronczak

Players of the Tournament: Hedir Awudu and Jamie Pico

The Team:
James Gallucci, Jimmi O'Neil-Tolley, Daniel Villanueva, Dale Pizarrus, Jamie Summersgill, Hedir Awudu, Dennis Tifentals, Jamie Pico, Laxmi Rai, Danae Faal, Gabriel Kalisz, Alwin Corpuz

Year 7

Tuesday evening saw SBSJ's first venture into the realms of rugby union. Due to baseline testing the boys have not completed any rugby union so this was a new style of play for all the boys which they adapted well.

Game 1- Titus Salt 10 - 0 SBSJ

The game was very cut and thrust with SBSJ defending very well but not fully understanding the rules around gaining possession of the ball and also recycling when in control. They played gallantly putting their bodies on the line halting many attacks from Titus Salt.  Titus Salt scored two tries at the end of the game which flattered them some what.

MOM - Ayo Akinbala- Great defensive work

Game 2 - Bingley Grammar 5 - 20 SBSJ

After a brief coaching session on the breakdown by Mr King SBSJ started to recycle the ball more efficiently and also won a lot of the ball whilst defending. SBSJ attacked with real purpose and Harry Milnes scored 3 brilliant individual tries with an outstanding side step in each of his finishes. This young man could be a superstar in the making eclipsing his brothers recent successes in and out of school. The scoring was wrapped up with Danial Shahid going over after great work from Dom Kirton and Ewan Jones offloading on the line.

MOM - Harry Milnes /Joseph Doyle

Game 3 - SBSJ 15 - 5 Parkside

SBSJ started this game very well on a much bigger pitch Harry Milnes showed his pace and class to run in two unanswered tries. Parkside then answered with a very good try of their own but SBSJ finished off the tie with an excellent score from Dom Kirton after good work from Ewan Jones.

MOM - Dom Kirton / Ewan Jones  

The boys attitude and behaviour was excellent especially when this was tested in the game against Bingley Grammar.

The team:  Ewan Jones, Ayo Akinbala, Harry Milnes , Dom Kirton, Emmerson Mitchell , Demir Yildiz, Danial Shahid, Joseph Doyle, Nayarab Hussain , Daniel Hollerer