Victorian Vibe for Year 10


Mrs Monaghan’s Year 10 class have been getting in to the ‘Victorian Vibe’ in preparation for studying Charles Dickens over the coming weeks. The class were treated to Victorian pancakes made by Navjot Kaur, Amber Lunn and Celine Rastrullo, a delicious Victoria sponge and some very delicate pastries baked by Martyna Mroz and Wiktoria Piasecka.  

Entertainment came in many forms, a world premiere of the film trailer for ‘Child Labour’ by Margaret Ogunkoya, Sigrid Camalig and Frances Cana, a traditional Victorian dance from Gabrielle Doyle and Megan Hunt, homemade parlour games by Faiza Ahmed and Sara Ahmed, A hip hop performance of Charles Dickens’ life by Manal Malik and Nandi Padambo and a trip back in a TIME MACHINE created by Ruby Shaw and Daisy Ambler. 

Entertaining, informative and delicious.
Report by Mrs Monaghan

victorian lesson