Anti-Bullying Week

As part of their baseline drama 7A acted out freeze frames based on the poem 'Four O'clock Friday' by John Foster.  The poem tells of a student who is bullied at school and who can not wait for the weekend to come around just so they have two days rest from the constant bullying.

'Four o'clock Friday' by John Foster 

Four o’clock, Friday, I’m home at last
Time to forget the week that has passed.
On Monday, at break, they stole my ball
And threw it over the playground wall.
On Tuesday morning, I came in late,
But they were waiting behind the gate.
On Wednesday afternoon, in games,
They threw mud at me and called me names.
Yesterday, they laughed after the test
‘cause my marks were lower than the rest.
Today, they trampled my books on the floor,
And I was kept in because I swore.
Four o’ clock, Friday, at last I’m free,
For two whole days they can’t get at me.

For more information on bullying click on the links below.