SPARK Under 11 Netball and Athletics

St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College proudly organise and host the Catholic School Sports Competitions (SPARK) throughout the school year. The competitions are designed to bring Catholic school children together to share an enjoyable and competitive afternoon of sport. Each half term there are two competitions where the PE staff at SBSJ lead, ably supported by Year 12/13 students. The events cover different age groups and activities; enabling a range of children to see the school that they will attend during secondary school education.

Sports Hall Athletics

7 primary schools came with their top athletes to compete in the U11 Sports Hall
Athletics competition.  Each student took part in one throw, one run and one jump event to gain points for their team. 

There was some fantastic individual performances on the day, a particular standout moment was seeing a javelin fly from one end of the sports hall to the other!

The results were very close between 2 schools and it came down to the running races to decide the winner.  St Joseph’s Bingley and St Johns the Evangelist were drawing on points so the title was to be decided by who ever was the fastest out of the blocks. 

St Joseph’s Bingley were crowned winners as they just pipped them to the line.

Well done to St Joseph’s Bingley, St John’s, St Marys and St Peter’s, St Winefride’s,
St William’s and Our Lady and St Brendan’s.


Under 11 Netball

The last competition of 2016 was to be U11 netball. 4 teams were battling it out to be crowned the champions.  From the very first game it was clear that a lot of practise had been done as the standard was fantastic.  Everyone knew where they were allowed to go and the shooting was on point.  This set up some very exciting games, one of the closest was a thrilling 5-4 game between St Joseph’s Bingley and St Cuthbert’s. 

As the afternoon progressed everyone improved their knowledge and ability in netball and became a lot more confident, this was most evident in the circle as students from all schools were taking some great shots from the edge of the circle.

Well done to St Joseph’s Bradford who were crowned the overall winners of the
tournament having not lost a game.  Well done to St Cuthbert’s, St Marys and St Peters and St Joseph’s Bingley for taking part in the afternoon.