Final Assessment for Sports Leaders

sports leaders

This week the Y11 Sport Studies students have been taking part in their final assessment for their Sports Leadership unit. Eight boys in Y11 have each led a sports session for a local primary school, which the boys have been working hard preparing for since September. As well as the lesson delivery, they have conducted a risk assessment, created an emergency action plan and researched the activities they have been leading. They have researched the most appropriate styles of leadership as well as writing about some of their role models in sport including premier league football managers.

They have been practising leading each other for several weeks and have taken some of the CORE PE lessons for their peers too. They have learnt to adapt their lesson when things aren’t going well and give praise and rewards for success.

sports leaders 2

The boys were very apprehensive before they started their session; some of them shaking with nervous tension! After making sure they had set up all their equipment and looked through their risk assessment they introduced themselves and checked for injuries or health problems.

The sessions were based on fun and exciting activities including football, benchball, basketball and dodgeball. Loud blasts on the whistle and clear demonstrations were in evidence all around in what was a very enjoyable afternoon. The boys can now feel confident to go and lead sports sessions in the community having developed their communication, leadership and organisational skills. The final part of their assessment is to review their session and make notes on what they would do better next time.