Sportsmanship and Team Spirit for Year 7

Years 7A and B football teams played their first league fixtures of the season at Goals Soccer Centre. The boys were outstanding in both their performance and sportsmanship. It was great to see 22 boys from SBSJ playing in the right spirit and supporting each other throughout the night even if they did come head to head in the second fixture.

The results were as follows:
One in a million 0 - 4 SBSJ (A)  Goals - Adrian Magulabnan x3,  Adam BashirMOM - Adrian Magulabnan
SBSJ (A) 2 - 0 SBSJ (B) - Goals - Adrian Magulabnan and Dom Kirton MOM - Joe Priestley
SBSJ (B) 0 - 0 One in a million
SBSJ (B) 1 - 1 - Oasis Academy Lister Park- Goals - Edward Ogunkoye
Thanks goes to Dom Walker for the photography.