BTEC Level 3 Work Experience

Megan Kilduff

During the two weeks before half term over 50 students on the BTEC Level 3 Certificate and Subsidiary Diploma Health and Social Care courses went out on a work experience placement at a range of different Health, Social Care and Early Years settings. Some of the places where students worked included care homes for the elderly, primary schools, children’s day nurseries and youth support schemes, Whilst on placement they were visited by their teachers who received fantastic feedback about their performance, with some students even being offered holiday jobs!  Here is one student’s account of what their work experience placement was like:

My work experience placement at Wyke Community and Children’s Centre by Megan Kilduff

On my first day of my work experience placement I was quite nervous because I didn't know what to expect, I hadn’t done anything like this before and I felt anxious because I didn't know anyone at Wyke Community and Children's Centre but I need not have worried, everyone there made me feel really welcome.

On a typical day I would have to sign in and then go to the nursery. I would help the staff give out the children's morning snacks and helped clean up after. I would then go and play in the sand with the children or I would play with the playdoe with them and make shapes or animals. The children I worked with were aged between 2 and 4 years of age. I would also play in the water with the children, making sure that they had an apron on so that their clothes didn't get wet. I also played in the construction area and helped the children build towers.

Before I knew it, it would be time to tidy up ready for group time where the children would sing and read stories. Then at 11:50am I would go for my lunch while the children were having theirs and I would come back at 12:30pm and help the children finish their lunch.  After this we would all put our coats on and go and play outside and we then came back inside and played different activities with the children for the remainder of the session. 

I didn’t expect to enjoy my work experience quite as much as I did; I found it a really rewarding experience and feel really pleased that I will now have real-life health and social care experiences to refer to on future job applications.