Lanyards for every student

Today Photocard Lanyards have been issued to all students at St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College. Students must ensure their lanyard is with them and visible at all times throughout the school day as they will be needed for the following:

  • Official form of identification
  • Paying for food in the dining area
  • Library Card
  • Topping up printing credits
  • Examination Identification
  • Paying for School trips (In the future)  

You must use your Photocard to load money onto the system for use within the canteen (any monies will have been transferred from the old thumb print system onto the new cards). You can, of course, still bring cheques in to school or use the Parent Pay.
Click here for information on our online payment service.

There will be a two week period of grace to allow students to get used to ensuring their lanyard is with them at all times. After this time the following consequences will be put in to action.

  • Not wearing your Photocard Lanyard: A C3 will be issued on the 3rd recorded occasion in a term
  • Refusing to show your Photocard Lanyard, this will be seen as Defiance and result in a C4
  • Being in possession of another student's Photocard Lanyard: C4
  • Students who have not brought their Photocard Lanyard will have to queue last to be served in the canteen
  • Students who lose or deface their Photocard Lanyard will be expected to pay for a replacement