Over £2400 raised for the Good Shepherd Fund

In the weeks before Easter all students were set a challenge in their form groups to come up with ways to raise much needed funds for the Good Shepherd Fund. The students really got behind this challenge, coming up with some ingenious ideas. 8J had us all keeping fit with Zumba classes led by the wonderful Harrison Terry. These classes were needed after we had all enjoyed eating far too many of the buns and cakes that had been on offer! We had raffles for hampers, bouquets of flowers, chocolate and a “guess how many sweets in a jar” competition. The chocolate was won by Callum Redman, 10F and the sweets by Summer Alam in8H.  You could even get your car washed at a very competitive rate thanks to 9E.

8F decided to have their very own mini Triathlon. 3 swimmers did 150 laps of the pool between them (3K), 5 runners did 15 laps of the track between them (3K) and 2 cyclists completed 4K between them. The runners completed the laps of the track in 16 minutes, the swimmers in 30 minutes, (with Harvey Weston Beyer completing 94). The cyclists completed the 4K very quickly so just kept going, doing 6.6 miles between them, raising over £80.

The penalty shoot out proved very competitive with Ikenna Obasi in Year 8 and Pacos Lowers in Year 7 the overall champions.

The fundraising efforts for 7D began early on, collecting loose change every morning, but the form saw the most success when they decided to hold a bake sale. A special thanks goes out to everyone in the form who brought in baked goods and gave up their break and lunch to organise the event. As if this wasn't enough Mackenzie Henderson decided to have a sponsored silence. All their hard work paid off with a total collected of £84.08.

 The total so far has reached over £2400!