Victory for the Girls

What was scheduled to be one of the most exciting matches so far this season didn't disappoint. Year 7 Girls Water Polo team take on the year 7 Boys Water Polo team. I said before the game it would be a close encounter and it didn’t disappoint.

The final score ended:  Girls15 - 9Boys

The first quarter was a little bit scrappy as both sides were quite understandably nervous and not much separated the sides with the score finishing 3 - 2 in favour of the girls.

However the girls seemed to get to grips with game quicker in the second quarter as they pressed their opponents well to steel the ball and made it count up front managing to score 5 goals to the boys 1. The half time score was now 8 - 3 to the girls.

Nevertheless the boys didn’t give in and made the third quarter their own by doing exactly what the girls did to them just moments before, in truth the girls were probably the more attacking side but just couldn’t break down the boys defence and when they lost possession the girls didn’t get back fast enough on the counter as they had been doing all game.

Going into the last quarter the scores were level 8 - 8 with both teams determined to come out on top. Unfortunately you could sense there was only going to be one eventual winner. THE GIRLS! They managed to keep up their dominance in attack but now they were attacking the deep end once again it made it easier to break down the boys defence who seemed to crumble under the pressure. The final score ended 15 - 9 to the girls with Ella Stabler 7C picking up the MVP and Lydia King 7H picking up goal of the match which was a beautiful little chip over the keeper from the tightest of angles.

Both teams did themselves proud and have made massive improvements as individuals and as a team and the future looks bright for both sets of players. A big thank you goes out to Darwin King 8B, Matilda King 10B, Harriet Walker 10B and Lauren Dixon 10K who helped coach the teams and organise the event as well as Dominic Walker 11C who ran down from ARDOR to referee the match. Lastly a thanks to the parents as without their support none of it would be possible.

Well done to all involved.
Match report by Mr Wright

Year 7 Girls team:

Sara Steinberg 7D
Ella Stabler 7C
Emily Taylor 7B
Amelia Fullerton 7C
Niamh Dolan-Baines 7E
Jennifer Cummins 7E
Lydia King 7H
Eleanor Grogan 7B
Lottie O’Keefe 7H
Eva Krywyszyn 7B

Year 7 Boys team:

Matthew Sowden 7l
Kyle Todd 7J
Jayden Gutman 7C
Jastin Barrientos 7I
Dante Kelly 7E
Daniel Justovies 7I
Adam Zurek 7D
Daniel Lightowler 7C
Alec Sharp 7J
Charlie Watson 7I
Carlton Danga 7I
Ethan Murgatroyd 7D

Year 7 Boys and Girls teams