Holy Door for the Year of Mercy

On the 8th December, Pope Francis opened the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Pope at the door

On the Third Sunday of Advent a Holy Door was also opened by Bishop Marcus at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds.

The significance of walking through the Holy Door is that we show that we want to change and to experience God’s love and mercy which brings hope and joy.

Holy Door Ignis

Holy Door Ignis

Holy Doors in School

We have set up our own Holy Doors on each site. At Ardor this is the main double doors into the school hall whilst at Ignis the Holy Door is the archway near to the Chaplaincy Room - through which students enter Our Lady's Hall.

We pray that anyone who enters through our Holy Doors will experience the love of God in this place.

Displays showing the current month's focus of Mercy can be viewed by the doors. We have been focusing on the charity Mary's Meals - as our Corporal Work of Mercy for the month of May with the focus on 'Feed the Hungry'.  We will be raising money for our chosen charity Marys' Meals. This charity feeds more than a million children every day.

For more information on Marys Meals visit  https://www.marysmeals.org.uk/

Marys meals poster