May Procession in honour of Our Lady

flags flying

During this month of May, Catholics pay particular devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

On Friday 13 May, Year 7 celebrated May the Month of Our Lady with a May Procession.

Our May procession service in Our Lady’s Hall started with the following words:

“We will sing hymns to Mary, pray to God through Mary and we will walk in Procession. As we walk in Procession around school, we will visit five prayer stations each showing a joyful moment of Mary’s life.
As we visit each station, we will hear words from Scripture which explain why that moment was special for Mary.
There will also be a small interpretation of the words through drama which will help us to understand better.
As we walk from station to station, we will sing the first verse of ‘Immaculate Mary, our Hearts are on fire’.”

As the singing of the first hymn “I’ll sing a Hymn to Mary” started, form groups began to leave the hall and walk in Procession.

The service in the hall continued with singing, with the Rosary and praying the Litany of Our Lady until form groups returned having completed their procession.

When all were reassembled, we prayed the fifth Glorious Mystery,The Crowning of Our Lady Queen of Heaven’ and sang the hymn ‘Hail Queen of Heaven’.

The statue of our Lady was then crowned with a crown of flowers whilst  we sang the words from the hymn ‘Bring Flowers of the Rarest’ – O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today – Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.

Our service finished with a rousing rendition of the hymn Immaculate Mary, while smiling staff and students waved flags and strips of blue ribbon in honour of Our Lady to the words Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!.

Chris Copley
Lay Chaplain