Advanced Reading Group Visit Haworth


Ms Monaghan's advanced reading group, currently devouring ‘Wuthering Heights’, visited the beautiful town of Haworth to explore the cobbles and uncover secrets about the Bronte Sisters.

They had a great day playing ‘Bronte bingo’ in the parsonage (won by Kadie Dryden who received a quill and some ink as her prize), buying fudge and brooding on the moors. The staff who worked at the Bronte museum took me to one side to compliment the students on being genuine Bronte enthusiasts (after getting VERY excited over the discovery of some of Charlotte’s actual hair in a cabinet) and all round lovely people.

After visiting the graveyard and the final resting place of the Brontes, we finished off with hot chocolates and a discussion of our favourite bits of ‘Wuthering Heights’ (“Nelly, I AM Heathcliff”) in a tea room.

A fabulous day was had by all.
Ms J Monaghan
Director of Behaviour and Learning