Students perform show for visiting year 5 students

The stree production

Year 5 pupils on a transition day visiting SBSJ were treated to a preview of our this year’s KS3 show ‘The Street’.

The Street tells the story of several different households on one ordinary street.   In one house an old couple look back to their wartime meeting, in another a family addicted to watching television are confronted by the programmes they watch.  At number 18 statues come to life to haunt one nervous woman and next door a grumpy pair of neighbours are revealed to have hidden talents. 

Rehearsals for the show are progressing and this week the cast enjoyed performing a couple of scenes for year 5 pupils on transition to secondary school days.  There are more than 35 talented students involved across years 7-9 as actors and dancers.  

If you would like to com along and watch the show it is being performed on Thursday 7th July and Friday 8th July, tickets can be purchased on line from