Year 9 Rugby Union Team Win All Matches

Y9 Rugby Team

Year 9 Rugby Union Team travelled to Manchester to take part in a festival, followed by a trip to watch the New Zealand v Wales match in the U20 Rugby world cup.

The festival involved us playing 4 fixtures against other schools from across the north of England. The team played some great rugby, winning all 4 of our fixtures on the day. Most of the schools involved would be classed as 'rugby schools' and considering, historically, we are more centred on football I am sure you will agree this achievement is a credit to the skill and effort of the lads that played.

This year group have benefited from the inclusion of Rugby Union in PE lessons and have built up their understanding and skill set over the last three years. The proof of this is the way they consistently retained possession at the break down and often stole possession from our opponents. There were some moments of individual brilliance but the way the team fought as a unit in defence and supported each other in attack was exceptional.  

The results from the day are as follows: (tries not points)

SBSJ 7   -   4  School 1
SBSJ 7   -   0 School 2
SBSJ 9   -   0 School 3
SBSJ 11   -   1 School 4

Try scorers:
Jack Savage x 12
Burman Ramushu x 8
Luke Handolx 5
Jacob Dunnx3
Stefan Giangregoriox 2
Alex Handol   x2
Harkaran Singhx 2